The Lightweight Blind with the Subtle Outline
When that big buck is sneaking along a wooded trail heading for his bedding area, working a scrape line or rubline in heavy cover, the T2 Low-Profile is the ultimate hide. The T2 gets its name from the two (2) hub framework system offering lighter weight, lower profile and more portability.
The T2s tapered roof-line is designed with the knowledge that sometimes less is more, especially when you need to set up in tight quarters. Horizontal roof-lines can sometimes tip off a deer, especially a hunt-wise buck. The T2 Low Profile casts a more subtle outline, in a lighter package that still offers substantial roomy comfort.

The lighter weight (only 12 pounds) and lower profile is achieved by our use of a framework featuring only two hubs and eight support poles. Position the front side with the huge 21 x 52 - inch netted shooting port at the trail where you expect the deer to walk, and get ready! Five additional window openings offer the hunter a myriad of shot opportunities and the ability to track moving game.

T2 comes standard with the black-backed interior to keep you dry and hidden and easily accommodates two hunters. Features our unmatched silent window systems, custom fabrics, patented adjustable frameworks and limited lifetime warranty. Available in Deception All-Purpose camo.


Center Height 54
Shooting Diameter 5'9 [max]
Floor Space 7 x 5
4 Windows 7 x 15
Window Start Height 31 from ground
1 Pass Thru net: 52 Wide
* No Floor Provided (Only The Ground)
T2 Series Set Up