Jay B Storey

Thanks for the kind service on the phone for my order. As I said my buddy
received a T5 blind as a gift and he allowed me to use it to take my 9 yr
old daughter out for her first turkey hunt. We carried the blind in to our
spot about 200 yards from the truck. Between her and I we were able to carry
the blind, 2 chairs, 4 decoys, a back pack and her shotgun. We set up the
blind and decoys and were ready to start calling in less than 7 minutes. We
sat for about 15 minutes before I started calling. We then sat silent for
about 30 minutes before I started again. Have you ever had a 9 year old sit
still that long? of course not.... That was the beauty of the blind...she
was able to clean my binoculars several times, play with the range finder
and tell me a few stories. After the next call it all started...we got a
response about 100 yds away. we had a single tom moving in quickly. A couple
short yelps had him moving in even faster. When he topped the hill he saw
our decoys (2-hens, 2-jakes) and instantly puffed up in full strut. My
daughter said WOW dad I have never seen a turkey do that before. Why is he
acting this way? I told her because he was letting our decoys know he was
the man. I was able to get her set up and coach her on what to expect while
the tom was moving in. I would not have been able to talk her through the
hunt without the blind. She waited until the bird was within 20 yards before
she said... Daddy...I am ready... This will be one of my best all time

Jay B Storey


Hi Chuck,
Got a beautiful 8 point buck tonight with my new Diamond Black Ice
that I purchased from you and it was awesome. I cannot believe the power behind these bows.

I was using the magnus broadheads as well.
Does were coming out all evening and finally a buck. The buck came through a thicket and when he put his head down to take a drink from the water hole, I drilled him at about 15 yards. The arrow went right through him, he bolted forward about 10 yards and tipped over! Unbelievable. My second buck ever with a bow. Thanks. I am attaching a photo .

Bill Thompson
Luverne, MN

Josh Ruppert

The Blind worked great. Thanks!

Josh Ruppert – Mitchell SD

Skalak Outdoors - Groundblind.com

Eric Feicht


The Double Bull matrix that I purchased from you worked great !!.I took this PA whitetail at 20 yards out of the blind.–Eric J. Feicht

.Skalak Outdoors - Groundblind.com

Jeremy & Rodney

Chuck, Here are some pictures of the job the matrix did on these southwest VA Gobblers. We had 10 different gobblers come into our blind from 7 am to 10 am opening day. My two buddies each took their first turkeys one at 730 am and the other at 9 am. I didnt shoot as i did all the calling and didnt have my tags with me. Thanks for the support after the sale and this was some of the best money we have ever spent. The matrix works so good that the turkeys didnt even know we where there. Hey it was so eas it should be illegal. We highly recommend the matrix for any level of hunters again thanks for the outstanding product –Mich Blansett Southwest VA Deer Cartel



I said I would send you a picture so here it is. The blind works great. Not
a fan of the small windows in the back but overall it is a great blind.
Thanks again .

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