We are located in SW Minnesota, We started in the sporting goods with the Double Bull line and have focused on service and speedy shipping. It has progressed into a much larger operation now with bows, guns, optics and most other hunting equpment. We believe that personal service, Knowing your products and Quality products keep customers happy. We are hunters ourselves and have gained experience using what we sell. We are happy share our experience so you can have a more successful hunt. We have two certified bow technicians available for your fast service. You can check out some of our hunts at www.younggunsoutdoors.com/show.php  or on Double Bulls DVD year on the ground #'s 6,7,and 8. We do have an FFL and can ship or recieve firearms. All shippments have to go thru another FFL only. We charge $25.00 to recieve and legaly transfer firearms that you have purchased elswhere. Please call for more details

2629 Broadway Ave
Slayton MN 56172
Toll Free: 866-250-2634
Tel: 507-393-0410
Fax: 507-763-1522


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